Wednesday, July 7, 2010

End of a Journey :D

First of all, thank you everybody for making the 5 days trip being a fantastic experience for all of us. My feelings are basically the same as other people. Here I'm just going to post our final events on the last day, to bring back the happy ending of our NYC journey.

The Fantastic Mr. Talon took us to Ziegfeld Theatre, a lovely historical cinema on 54th street to watch the premiere of TOY STORY 3 ~!

To be frank, at first I was not so enthusiastic to it because I forgot about ToyStory1 and I didn't see number 2. But I bought the ticket anyways's the last event on the list. Now I'm really happy about my decision because it was absolutely Hilarious and what a wonderful feast to the eyes ! We all laughed so hard when Buzz got into Spanish mode...
At last, here are some shots from the theater, and a random truck I saw on the street in SoHo, which looks just like a scene from the movie :)

Have a great day !

---Peach Tao

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